About the World Car Awards

The World Car Awards (WCA) is a program initiated by, organized by, and conducted by automotive journalists from all over the world. From the outset in 2004, those of us involved in making it a reality have done so in the context of one over-riding priority. We are dedicated to ensuring that it is carried out with the utmost objectivity, credibility, and integrity.

The WCA are administered by a not-for-profit association, under the guidance of a Steering Committee of distinguished automotive journalists from Asia, Europe, and North America. In that way, it draws on the experience and expertise already developed by various other award programs throughout the world.

It is intended to complement, not compete with existing national and regional COTY awards, which are inherently different in scope. By its nature, World Car Awards includes some vehicles that may be unavailable in individual regions, and excludes others whose availability may be limited to those regions.