World Car Awards - Juror Profile



Editor-in-Chief, AUTOCAR Korea

In 1992 Joo-sik Choi became an automotive journalist in Korea. After successfully leading Carvision and Carlife magazines as their Editor-in-chief, he has now taken the helm as Editor in Chief of Autocar Korea, the Korean edition of the British Autocar. and editorial director of the Internet newspaper the iautocar.(

He is also co-editor of The Fifty Year History of Cars in Korea (published by Korea Automobile Industry Association) and a contributor to the 100 Year Footprint of Korea Transportation (published by Korea Transportation Institute). His contributions have played an important role in systematizing the automobile history in Korea. He actively participates as member-manger in the Korea Car Culture Forum, a group of opinion leaders in within the Korean automotive industry.

Joo-sik Choi is also the author of a book entitled "The 20th Century Cars at A Glance".

Joo-sik Choi is also a juror: International Engine of the Year 2018.