World Car Awards - Juror Profile



National Motoring Editor at Car Advice

Joshua Dowling is one of Australia's most experienced motoring journalists, with more than 25 years in the industry.

He was formerly motoring editor of The Sydney Morning Herald and National Motoring Editor at News Corp Australia, having spent the majority of his career at Australia's two largest newspaper groups.

At the start of 2019 he joined Car Advice, Australia's leading motoring news and review website owned by the TV network Channel Nine, which also now owns Fairfax, publisher of The Sydney Morning Herald.

In addition to its website, Car Advice provides motoring news and review coverage to Channel Nine, Fairfax, and Australia's largest privately owned radio network, Macquarie Radio.

To keep pace with the arrival of new models, as with many of his colleagues he drives more than 200 vehicles a year on launches and in comparison tests.

A keen motorsport enthusiast, Dowling is a competition license holder and has raced at Bathurst in production cars as well as competing in production car series.

He has been a World Car Of The Year judge since 2009

His social media accounts are:

Twitter: @JoshuaDowling
Instagram: @JoshuaDowling_Cars