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Chief Editor & Founder of FLYWHEEL Automotive

The creator and face of Flywheel, Hani Musthafa is the most prominent name in automotive journalism from the South India. He persuade his passion for motoring journalism at an early age as a freelancer during his graduation period in the year of 2003 by contributing article to a local daily. He was active in different online auto-forums, also were blogging with his pen name "Hanmust"

In 2010, Hani created and launched “Flywheel Auto Show” in a prominent regional TV Channel and soon became the most popular Auto-show resulting in expanding its telecast in all major regional South Indian channels in three different regional languages. Flywheel also expanded its activity to automobile events, auto-content creators and multi-brand garages under the leadership of Hani Musthafa. There is an active Flywheel motorsports club with a strong 'off-road' team with various championship titles it its credit.

He contribute his works in multiple mediums like Print, Television or Digital media platforms. He's a columnist in 'Mathrbhumi News Daily' and was the consulting editor of Topgear Malayalam magazine. Hani also contribute his expert opinion in few business magazines as well as in institutional journals. Flywheel Media House are automotive content providers for different publication and TV programs.

His love for anything with wheels started from a very early age. And even though professionally he primarily reviews cars, he also has a love for heavy duty haulage trucks and bikes! He is also passionate about modern, classic and vintage cars, high-end bikes and yes - commercial vehicles.

Hani has a very strong following on social media and have a huge fan following among Indian auto lover living in India as well as abroad. He is affectionately called 'Hanikka' by his fans and audience. His YouTube channel is quite popular with monthly impression of more than 15 Million.

Hani consider Driving as an art like any other art forms, and he is highly skilled in it, hence driving is his biggest hobby. He's truly an experienced driver with experience of test driving around the world through different terrains and race tracks. He's undergone driver training under various world class on & off-road driving training academies. Other than driving is stress busters are traveling, cooking, watching movies, etc.