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World Car Awards - Juror Profile



Executive editor: Trend Group; Chief editor: Robb Report High End Cars

Mr. Liang pursued his bachelor degree in Shanxi University,studying music composition in the department of Music, while later went to National University of Singapore and achieved a master degree in western philosophy.

During his undergraduate years, he was awarded the title of National Top Ten Undergraduate, and had two literary works published: Business published by Peking University Press and Blind Spot by Er'ya Publishing House, Taiwan. Mr. Liang has won Golden Lion Award at the 16th Southeast Asia International Culture Festival.

Mr. Liang was highly praised as the opinion leader in the industry for his remarkable individual style as well as incisive pen in his blog which has attracted more than 53 million blog fans. He is familiar with the fashion industry, spending one week in Japan each month for work.

As an enthusiast of photography, he has over 70 Leica and cinematographic lens. His unique lens language has won great popularity among fans.

Mr. Liang also likes German cars, Japanese fashion culture and photography. He was a crazy fan of cars, but in a rational way. During his postgraduate years, he even participated in car races, and has watched several international car exhibitions in such cities as Frankfurt, Paris, Tokyo, Geneva and Detroit.

In 2000, he joined Cosmopolitan as an editor and journalist of Esquire, and has been invited to do an evaluation of professional autos around the world. In September, 2001, he drove across the United States.

In March,2003, Mr. Liang initiated the first fashion style auto magazine Trends Car under the Trend Group. As the chief editor, he gives a bold and unique style to this magazine. Today, Mr Liang serves as the chief editor of Robb Report High End Cars."