Countdown to the WCA Winners

Apr. 5, 2023 8:30am Eastern Time Zone




World Car Awards - Juror Profile



Editor in Chief:

Jose Carlos has led exciting and relevant media projects (magazines, websites, TV, Radio, and video production) in Spain, Mexico, South America, and the USA. Always curious, he is an expert in automotive communications, Digital and Experiential Marketing.

He manages a dedicated team of professionals devoted to content, cultivating a growing presence in United States, Mexico, Latin America, and Spain. His years of experience have only fueled his original passion. His career reached new heights through his work in magazines, TV, and web for Televisa and Motorpresse in the region. "Rara avis" with experience in Media, Brands, and Associations (architect and co-founder of Mexico’s Media Magazine association)

As General Manager of Motorpress in the Latin American Region, he started the relationship with World Car Awards and proposed the first Automóvil Panamericano Jury with Javier Barranco (2005).

Currently, as Editor-in-Chief of he has access to over 110 new cars per year, driving and testing the vast majority of them.