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Apr. 5, 2023 8:30am Eastern Time Zone




World Car Awards - Juror Profile



Based in Germany and the USA, Meiners contributes to Car and Driver, Automotive News, Welt, Automobile Industrie, Car Design News, China Auto Pictorial and various other outlets

Based in Germany and the USA, Jens Meiners works as editor-in-chief of, contributes to Car and Driver, Focus, Automobil Industrie, Car Design News and various other international outlets.

He has covered the automotive industry since 1996 and began his career as editor of the buyer's guide Autosalon. He subsequently was Managing Editor of Automotive Business International and staff reporter for Automotive News Europe; in 2010, he co-founded an automotive news agency. He has served on the World Car Awards Steering Committee for over a decade and he co-initiated the German GCOTY and the Chinese C-COTY program.

Meiners splits his time between Northern Bavaria and New York City. His collection of cars includes several prototypes and sports cars.