World Car Awards - Juror Profile



TV Host and Contributor: weekly TV Show – Goro Okazaki’s Car Talk, Car & Driver – Japan, CarView, Goods Press, Car Graphic – Japan

As the son of one of Japan's most highly respected motoring critics, Hiroshi Okazaki, Goro tells us that he knew more about engine sounds than lullabies by the age of five. Influenced by his father's passion for anything automotive, Goro majored in mechanical engineering at Aoyama Gakuin University before starting work as a motor journalist in the early 90's.

Currently writing for Car&Driver Japan, CarView, Goods Press and Men's EX, he also presents one of Japan's rare TV car shows, Goro Okazaki's Car Talk on the Kanagawa TV network.

His in-depth knowledge of the industry, eloquent manner and ability to tell it how it is, has won him many thousands of viewers across the country.

He is a Japan COTY juror and a director of the Automotive Journalists Association of Japan. Goro's car of choice is a Porsche 911.