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World Car Awards - Juror Profile



Publisher: AutoWorld Media Group

As one of the earliest auto professional media persons in China, Xionghui Qiu and his colleagues jointly founded China's first full-colour, auto professional monthly magazine in 1994. This was also the earliest auto magazine that China jointly launched with overseas media.

Xionghui Qiu created China's earliest auto testing report column, tested autos himself and wrote testing reports. In the year 2000, Mr. Qiu established China's first auto rating - the annual top ten vehicles - which continues up to the present.

In 2007, Xionghui Qiu founded, a professional car video website. These years, he has also launched SEAN's Talk and BigGear's Talk,
two popular new medias.

Xionghui Qiu is also a scholar, he teaches International Marketing and Western Cultural subjects in Guangdong University of Technology.

Xiong Hui Qiu graduated from the Hunan University with a master's degree in Applied Linguistics.