Countdown to the WCA Winners

Apr. 5, 2023 8:30am Eastern Time Zone




World Car Awards - Juror Profile



One of the most respected automotive journalists in Mexico, with more than 25 years of experience in the media, he has worked in several media outlets and founded two supplements (Milenio and El Informador, newspapers), in addition to having collaborated in several media outlets:

- Car and Driver Magazine - Mexico and USA
- Superauto Magazine - Spain
- Quatro Rodas Magazine - Brazil
- Carro Magazine - Brazil
- Autoesporte Magazine - Brazil
- 4R Magazine - Mexico
- Day Seven Magazine - Mexico
- Newspaper La Tercera - Chile
- Diary of Pernambuco - Brazil
- Autocosmos - Mexico
- El Excelsior Newspaper - Mexico City
- Editor in chief of weekly supplement Autos, in El Informador.
- La Cochera Radio show - Broadcast by Ecstasy Digital 105.9 FM in Jalisco, Mexico